At WOPG we offer a range of courses for nurses, caregivers, and patients alike to keep everyone as informed on these conditions as possible. No matter what your diagnosis, there are going to be times when you will be required to practice some self-care like redressing wounds. The WOPG is here to make sure you are as educated and prepared as possible to face these types of situations. Currently we are offering the following courses:

Basic Wound Care (Wound Care I) – This is a great starter course for introducing the basics of caring for different wounds. In order to work in a hospital or community type environment, it is required that nurses have a basic understanding and set of skills involving the assessment and upkeep/management of a variety of wounds. During this course the following subjects will be introduce:

  • The wound healing process
  • Reviewing types of wounds
  • Wound products review
  • Wound assessment

Negative Wound Pressure Therapy or VAC Therapy

This training is used to promote the healing of wounds. It is required to have knowledge about the mechanism of wound dressing, indications, and contraindications, as well as the risks associated with this style of therapy.

Other courses include a community wound course, designed specifically for RNs And RPNs, and a basic Ostomy course for those unfamiliar with ostomy care. Our courses are specially designed to prepare our nurses and patients will real world knowledge obtaining to proper wound and ostomy care. We offer a variety of professionals that are ready to assist you in your time of need, with the quality, care, and individualized attention you deserve.

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